Step 4: Create a Channel with Optional Recording - Amazon IVS

Step 4: Create a Channel with Optional Recording

An Amazon IVS channel stores configuration information related to your live stream. You first create a channel and then contribute video to it using the channel’s stream key to start your live stream.

As part of channel creation, the following items are assigned:

  • An ingest server identifies a specific Amazon IVS component that receives the stream, along with an ingestion protocol (RTMPS or RTMP).

  • Amazon IVS assigns a stream key when you create a channel and uses it to authorize streaming. Treat the stream key like a secret, since it allows anyone to stream to the channel.

  • A playback URL identifies the endpoint to start playback for a specific channel. This endpoint can be used globally. It automatically selects the best location from the Amazon IVS global content delivery network for a viewer to stream the video. (Note that Amazon IVS does not support custom domains for playback. Do not proxy the playback URL with your own domain; that does not work and will cause issues.)

You can create a channel — with or without recording — through the Amazon IVS console or the AWS CLI. Channel creation and recording are discussed below.