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Enabling Multiple Hosts on an Amazon IVS Stream

Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) enables developers to build applications that combine video and audio from multiple broadcasters (also referred to as hosts) into one live stream.

Use cases include:

  • Guest spots – Broadcasters can invite viewers into the broadcast. This opens the door to collaborative content like karaoke and Q&A.

  • Versus (VS) mode – Broadcasters are matched with each other to compete (e.g., in a singing competition).

  • Group broadcasts – Multiple speakers can converse with each other in front of a large audience.

To add multiple broadcasters to a live stream, you need to use both IVS Real-Time Streaming and IVS Low-Latency Streaming. IVS Real-Time Streaming is used to combine video and audio streams; Low-Latency Streaming, to broadcast the combined stream to viewers.

Real-Time Streaming provides a resource called a stage, a virtual space where broadcasters (hosts) can exchange audio and video in real time. You can then broadcast a stage to channels to reach a larger audience, and you can build applications where audience members can be brought "on stage" to contribute to the live conversation.

For more information about IVS Real-Time Streaming, see: