Actions - Amazon IVS


The following actions are supported:

  • DeleteMessage (Publish) — Instructs other clients to delete a message.

  • DisconnectUser (Publish) — Disconnects another viewer from the Chat room. Use this in conjunction with the CreateChatToken flow to implement time-based or permanent user bans. For example, to permanently ban a user (viewer), precede this operation with a call to your application service, to prevent the application service from creating another token to the same room. To lift the ban (time- or logic-based), simply resume calling CreateChatToken.

  • SendMessage (Publish) — Sends a message to participants of the room.

  • Event (Subscribe) — Events are messages generated by client actions or operations; e.g., join or leave notifications. Events may be generated by Amazon IVS Chat or your application. Use SendEvent (see the Amazon IVS Chat API Reference) to push event messages to the room.

  • Message (Subscribe) — Messages from other clients that are sent to the room.