Step 3: Create a Channel - Amazon Interactive Video Service

Step 3: Create a Channel

An Amazon IVS channel stores configuration information related to your live stream. You first create a channel and then contribute video to it using the channel’s stream key to start your live stream.

As part of channel creation, the following items are assigned:

  • An ingest server identifies a specific Amazon IVS component that receives the stream, along with an ingestion protocol (RTMPS).

  • Amazon IVS assigns a stream key when you create a channel and uses it to authorize streaming. Treat the stream key like a secret, since it allows anyone to stream to the channel.

  • A playback URL identifies the endpoint to start playback for a specific channel. This endpoint can be used globally. It automatically selects the best location from the Amazon IVS global content delivery network for a viewer to stream the video.

You can create a channel through the Amazon IVS console or the AWS CLI.

Console Instructions

To create a channel:

  1. Open the Amazon IVS console.

    (You can also access the Amazon IVS console through the AWS Management Console.)

  2. In the Get started box (top right), click Create Channel.

  3. Under Channel configuration, accept the Default configuration. Optionally, specify a Channel name. Channel names are not unique, but they provide a way for you to distinguish channels other than the channel ARN (Amazon Resource Name).

                            Create a channel using the IVS Console: Specify channel
                                configuration in the Create Channel window.
  4. Click Create channel, to create a new channel with a unique ARN. A channel details page is displayed for the new channel; keep this open.

                            Create a channel using the IVS Console: View channel stream and
                                playback configuration in the Channel Details window.
  5. Important:

    • In the Stream configuration area, note the Ingest server and Stream key. You will use these in the next step, to set up streaming.

    • In the Playback configuration area, note the Playback URL. You will use it later, to play back your stream.

CLI Instructions

Creating a channel with the AWS CLI is an advanced option and requires that you first download and configure the CLI on your machine. For details, see the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide.

  1. Run the create-channel command and pass in an optional name:

    aws ivs create-channel --name test-channel
  2. This returns a new channel:

    { "channel": { "arn": "arn:aws:ivs:us-west-2:123456789012:channel/abcdABCDefgh", "name": "test-channel", "latencyMode": "LOW", "ingestEndpoint": "", "playbackUrl": "", "tags": {}, "authorized": false }, "streamKey": { "arn": "arn:aws:ivs:us-west-2:123456789012:stream-key/g1H2I3j4k5L6", "value": "sk_us-west-2_abcdABCDefgh_567890abcdef", "channelArn": "arn:aws:ivs:us-west-2:123456789012:channel/abcdABCDefgh", "tags": {} } }
  3. Important: Note the ingestEndpoint, streamKey value, and playbackUrl. You will use these to set up streaming and playback.