Delete Playback Keys - Amazon Interactive Video Service

Delete Playback Keys

Amazon IVS customers can delete playback keys from their accounts. Deleted keys will remove the resource from the customer’s account; playback tokens signed with deleted keys will not pass verification.

Console Instructions

  1. Open the Amazon IVS console. Choose your channel’s region if you are not already on it.

  2. In the left navigation menu, choose Playback keys.

  3. Choose the key(s) you want to delete.

  4. Choose Delete. A Delete playback key dialog appears.

  5. Choose Delete playback key.

Note: You also can get to the Playback keys page from the Amazon IVS console home page, by choosing Playback keys in the left navigation menu.

CLI Instructions

You can delete playback keys via the AWS CLI, if you have the key’s ARN. Amazon IVS does not support batch deletes via the CLI.

aws ivs delete-playback-key-pair --arn arn:aws:ivs:us-west-2:991729659840:playback-key/3db9fc15-df57-4c02-b5a6-d4ee3448b8ad --region <aws-region>

You can omit --region <aws-region> if the region is in your local AWS configuration file.

On success, there is no response. You can run the get command (below) to verify that the key was deleted.

Here is an example error response:

An error occurred (ResourceNotFoundException) when calling the DeletePlaybackKeyPair operation: ResourceNotFoundException:

API Request

POST /DeletePlaybackKeyPair HTTP/1.1 { "arn": "<playback key arn>" }