Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Response Elements Common to All Response Groups

The following table describes and shows the parentage of the elements returned by all response groups.

Response Element Definition

An token distributed by Amazon that uniquely identifies an item.

Type: String

Ancestry: Item/ASIN

Code Error code if there is an error

Type: Integer

Ancestry: Errors/Error/Code

IsValid Is True if the request is valid

Type: String

Ancestry: Request/IsValid

Message Error message that corresponds with error code

Type: String

Ancestry: Errors/Error/Message

Name Name of a parameter in the request

Type: String

Ancestry: Arguments/Argument/Name

RequestId Unique number that identifies the request

Type: String

Ancestry: OperationRequest/RequestId

TotalPages Number of pages found. There are up to ten items per page.

Type: String

Ancestry: List/TotalPages

TotalResults The total number of items found. Up to ten are returned per request. . By default, the first ten items are returned.

Type: String

Ancestry: List/TotalResults

UserAgent The name and version of the Web browser

Type: String

Ancestry: OperationRequest/UserAgent


A value of a parameter in the request

Type: String

Ancestry: Arguments/Argument/Value