AWS SDK を使用してサンプルデータに対して Amazon Comprehend トピックモデリングジョブを実行する - AWS SDK コード例

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AWS SDK を使用してサンプルデータに対して Amazon Comprehend トピックモデリングジョブを実行する


  • Amazon Comprehend トピックモデリングジョブをサンプルデータに対して実行します。

  • ジョブに関する情報。

  • Amazon S3 からジョブ出力データを抽出します。

SDK for Python (Boto3)

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Amazon Comprehend トピックモデリングアクションを呼び出すラッパークラスを作成します。

class ComprehendTopicModeler: """Encapsulates a Comprehend topic modeler.""" def __init__(self, comprehend_client): """ :param comprehend_client: A Boto3 Comprehend client. """ self.comprehend_client = comprehend_client def start_job( self, job_name, input_bucket, input_key, input_format, output_bucket, output_key, data_access_role_arn, ): """ Starts a topic modeling job. Input is read from the specified Amazon S3 input bucket and written to the specified output bucket. Output data is stored in a tar archive compressed in gzip format. The job runs asynchronously, so you can call `describe_topics_detection_job` to get job status until it returns a status of SUCCEEDED. :param job_name: The name of the job. :param input_bucket: An Amazon S3 bucket that contains job input. :param input_key: The prefix used to find input data in the input bucket. If multiple objects have the same prefix, all of them are used. :param input_format: The format of the input data, either one document per file or one document per line. :param output_bucket: The Amazon S3 bucket where output data is written. :param output_key: The prefix prepended to the output data. :param data_access_role_arn: The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of a role that grants Comprehend permission to read from the input bucket and write to the output bucket. :return: Information about the job, including the job ID. """ try: response = self.comprehend_client.start_topics_detection_job( JobName=job_name, DataAccessRoleArn=data_access_role_arn, InputDataConfig={ "S3Uri": f"s3://{input_bucket}/{input_key}", "InputFormat": input_format.value, }, OutputDataConfig={"S3Uri": f"s3://{output_bucket}/{output_key}"}, )"Started topic modeling job %s.", response["JobId"]) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't start topic modeling job.") raise else: return response def describe_job(self, job_id): """ Gets metadata about a topic modeling job. :param job_id: The ID of the job to look up. :return: Metadata about the job. """ try: response = self.comprehend_client.describe_topics_detection_job( JobId=job_id ) job = response["TopicsDetectionJobProperties"]"Got topic detection job %s.", job_id) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't get topic detection job %s.", job_id) raise else: return job def list_jobs(self): """ Lists topic modeling jobs for the current account. :return: The list of jobs. """ try: response = self.comprehend_client.list_topics_detection_jobs() jobs = response["TopicsDetectionJobPropertiesList"]"Got %s topic detection jobs.", len(jobs)) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't get topic detection jobs.") raise else: return jobs


def usage_demo(): print("-" * 88) print("Welcome to the Amazon Comprehend topic modeling demo!") print("-" * 88) logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(levelname)s: %(message)s") input_prefix = "input/" output_prefix = "output/" demo_resources = ComprehendDemoResources( boto3.resource("s3"), boto3.resource("iam") ) topic_modeler = ComprehendTopicModeler(boto3.client("comprehend")) print("Setting up storage and security resources needed for the demo.") demo_resources.setup("comprehend-topic-modeler-demo") print("Copying sample data from public bucket into input bucket.") demo_resources.bucket.copy( {"Bucket": "public-sample-us-west-2", "Key": "TopicModeling/Sample.txt"}, f"{input_prefix}sample.txt", ) print("Starting topic modeling job on sample data.") job_info = topic_modeler.start_job( "demo-topic-modeling-job",, input_prefix, JobInputFormat.per_line,, output_prefix, demo_resources.data_access_role.arn, ) print( f"Waiting for job {job_info['JobId']} to complete. This typically takes " f"20 - 30 minutes." ) job_waiter = JobCompleteWaiter(topic_modeler.comprehend_client) job_waiter.wait(job_info["JobId"]) job = topic_modeler.describe_job(job_info["JobId"]) print(f"Job {job['JobId']} complete:") pprint(job) print( f"Getting job output data from the output Amazon S3 bucket: " f"{job['OutputDataConfig']['S3Uri']}." ) job_output = demo_resources.extract_job_output(job) lines = 10 print(f"First {lines} lines of document topics output:") pprint(job_output["doc-topics.csv"]["data"][:lines]) print(f"First {lines} lines of terms output:") pprint(job_output["topic-terms.csv"]["data"][:lines]) print("Cleaning up resources created for the demo.") demo_resources.cleanup() print("Thanks for watching!") print("-" * 88)