AWS SDK を使用してホットスポットを含む Kinesis ストリームを生成する - AWS SDK コード例

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AWS SDK を使用してホットスポットを含む Kinesis ストリームを生成する

次のコード例は、ホットスポットで Kinesis ストリームを生成する方法を示しています。

SDK for Python (Boto3)

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import json from pprint import pprint import random import time import boto3 STREAM_NAME = "ExampleInputStream" def get_hotspot(field, spot_size): hotspot = { "left": field["left"] + random.random() * (field["width"] - spot_size), "width": spot_size, "top": field["top"] + random.random() * (field["height"] - spot_size), "height": spot_size, } return hotspot def get_record(field, hotspot, hotspot_weight): rectangle = hotspot if random.random() < hotspot_weight else field point = { "x": rectangle["left"] + random.random() * rectangle["width"], "y": rectangle["top"] + random.random() * rectangle["height"], "is_hot": "Y" if rectangle is hotspot else "N", } return {"Data": json.dumps(point), "PartitionKey": "partition_key"} def generate( stream_name, field, hotspot_size, hotspot_weight, batch_size, kinesis_client ): """ Generates points used as input to a hotspot detection algorithm. With probability hotspot_weight (20%), a point is drawn from the hotspot; otherwise, it is drawn from the base field. The location of the hotspot changes for every 1000 points generated. """ points_generated = 0 hotspot = None while True: if points_generated % 1000 == 0: hotspot = get_hotspot(field, hotspot_size) records = [ get_record(field, hotspot, hotspot_weight) for _ in range(batch_size) ] points_generated += len(records) pprint(records) kinesis_client.put_records(StreamName=stream_name, Records=records) time.sleep(0.1) if __name__ == "__main__": generate( stream_name=STREAM_NAME, field={"left": 0, "width": 10, "top": 0, "height": 10}, hotspot_size=1, hotspot_weight=0.2, batch_size=10, kinesis_client=boto3.client("kinesis"), )