AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールDiscoverInputSchemaで を使用する - AWS SDK コード例

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AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールDiscoverInputSchemaで を使用する

次の例は、DiscoverInputSchema を使用する方法を説明しています。

SDK for Python (Boto3)

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class KinesisAnalyticsApplicationV2: """Encapsulates Kinesis Data Analytics application functions.""" def __init__(self, analytics_client): """ :param analytics_client: A Boto3 Kinesis Data Analytics v2 client. """ self.analytics_client = analytics_client = None self.arn = None self.version_id = None self.create_timestamp = None def discover_input_schema(self, stream_arn, role_arn): """ Discovers a schema that maps data in a stream to a format that is usable by an application's runtime environment. The stream must be active and have enough data moving through it for the service to sample. The returned schema can be used when you add the stream as an input to the application or you can write your own schema. :param stream_arn: The ARN of the stream to map. :param role_arn: A role that lets Kinesis Data Analytics read from the stream. :return: The discovered schema of the data in the input stream. """ try: response = self.analytics_client.discover_input_schema( ResourceARN=stream_arn, ServiceExecutionRole=role_arn, InputStartingPositionConfiguration={"InputStartingPosition": "NOW"}, ) schema = response["InputSchema"]"Discovered input schema for stream %s.", stream_arn) except ClientError: logger.exception( "Couldn't discover input schema for stream %s.", stream_arn ) raise else: return schema
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