AWS SDK を使用して特定のタグを持つ Lookout for Vision プロジェクトを検索する - AWS SDK コード例

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AWS SDK を使用して特定のタグを持つ Lookout for Vision プロジェクトを検索する

次のコード例は、特定のタグを持つ Lookout for Vision プロジェクトを検索する方法を示しています。


SDK for Python (Boto3)

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import logging import argparse import boto3 from botocore.exceptions import ClientError logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) def find_tag(tags, key, value): """ Finds a tag in the supplied list of tags. :param tags: A list of tags associated with a Lookout for Vision model. :param key: The tag to search for. :param value: The tag key value to search for. :return: True if the tag value exists, otherwise False. """ found = False for tag in tags: if key == tag["Key"]:"\t\tMatch found for tag: %s value: %s.", key, value) found = True break return found def find_tag_in_projects(lookoutvision_client, key, value): """ Finds Lookout for Vision models tagged with the supplied key and value. :param lookoutvision_client: A Boto3 Lookout for Vision client. :param key: The tag key to find. :param value: The value of the tag that you want to find. return: A list of matching model versions (and model projects) that were found. """ try: found_tags = [] found = False projects = lookoutvision_client.list_projects() # Iterate through each project and models within a project. for project in projects["Projects"]:"Searching project: %s ...", project["ProjectName"]) response_models = lookoutvision_client.list_models( ProjectName=project["ProjectName"] ) for model in response_models["Models"]: model_description = lookoutvision_client.describe_model( ProjectName=project["ProjectName"], ModelVersion=model["ModelVersion"], ) tags = lookoutvision_client.list_tags_for_resource( ResourceArn=model_description["ModelDescription"]["ModelArn"] ) "\tSearching model: %s for tag: %s value: %s.", model_description["ModelDescription"]["ModelArn"], key, value, ) if find_tag(tags["Tags"], key, value) is True: found = True "\t\tMATCH: Project: %s: model version %s", project["ProjectName"], model_description["ModelDescription"]["ModelVersion"], ) found_tags.append( { "Project": project["ProjectName"], "ModelVersion": model_description["ModelDescription"][ "ModelVersion" ], } ) if found is False:"No match for tag %s with value %s.", key, value) except ClientError: logger.exception("Problem finding tags.") raise else: return found_tags def main(): logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(levelname)s: %(message)s") parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(usage=argparse.SUPPRESS) parser.add_argument("tag", help="The tag that you want to find.") parser.add_argument("value", help="The tag value that you want to find.") args = parser.parse_args() key = args.tag value = args.value session = boto3.Session(profile_name="lookoutvision-access") lookoutvision_client = session.client("lookoutvision") print(f"Searching your models for tag: {key} with value: {value}.") tagged_models = find_tag_in_projects(lookoutvision_client, key, value) print("Matched models\n--------------") if len(tagged_models) > 0: for model in tagged_models: print(f"Project: {model['Project']}. model version:{model['ModelVersion']}") else: print("No matches found.") if __name__ == "__main__": main()