AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールDescribeRootFoldersで を使用する - AWS SDK コード例

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AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールDescribeRootFoldersで を使用する

次の例は、DescribeRootFolders を使用する方法を説明しています。

SDK for Ruby

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# Retrieves the root folder for a user by email # @param users [Array<Types::User>] A list of users selected from API response # @param user_email [String] The email of the user. def get_user_folder(users, user_email) user = users.find { |user| user.email_address == user_email } if user user.root_folder_id else @logger.error "Could not get root folder for user with email address #{user_email}" exit(1) end end # Describes the contents of a folder # @param [String] folder_id - The Id of the folder to describe. def describe_folder_contents(folder_id) resp = @client.describe_folder_contents({ folder_id: folder_id, # required sort: "NAME", # accepts DATE, NAME order: "ASCENDING", # accepts ASCENDING, DESCENDING }) resp.documents.each do |doc| md = doc.latest_version_metadata "Name: #{}" "Size (bytes): #{md.size}" "Last modified: #{doc.modified_timestamp}" "Doc ID: #{}" "Version ID: #{}" "" end rescue Aws::WorkDocs::Errors::ServiceError => e @logger.error "Error listing folder contents: #{e.message}" exit(1) end
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