AWS SDK または CLI SignUpで を使用する - Amazon Cognito


AWS SDK または CLI SignUpで を使用する

以下のコード例は、SignUp の使用方法を示しています。



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/// <summary> /// Sign up a new user. /// </summary> /// <param name="clientId">The client Id of the application.</param> /// <param name="userName">The username to use.</param> /// <param name="password">The user's password.</param> /// <param name="email">The email address of the user.</param> /// <returns>A Boolean value indicating whether the user was confirmed.</returns> public async Task<bool> SignUpAsync(string clientId, string userName, string password, string email) { var userAttrs = new AttributeType { Name = "email", Value = email, }; var userAttrsList = new List<AttributeType>(); userAttrsList.Add(userAttrs); var signUpRequest = new SignUpRequest { UserAttributes = userAttrsList, Username = userName, ClientId = clientId, Password = password }; var response = await _cognitoService.SignUpAsync(signUpRequest); return response.HttpStatusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK; }
  • API の詳細については、「 API リファレンスSignUp」の「」を参照してください。 AWS SDK for .NET

SDK for C++

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Aws::Client::ClientConfiguration clientConfig; // Optional: Set to the AWS Region (overrides config file). // clientConfig.region = "us-east-1"; Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider::CognitoIdentityProviderClient client(clientConfig); Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider::Model::SignUpRequest request; request.AddUserAttributes( Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider::Model::AttributeType().WithName( "email").WithValue(email)); request.SetUsername(userName); request.SetPassword(password); request.SetClientId(clientID); Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider::Model::SignUpOutcome outcome = client.SignUp(request); if (outcome.IsSuccess()) { std::cout << "The signup request for " << userName << " was successful." << std::endl; } else if (outcome.GetError().GetErrorType() == Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider::CognitoIdentityProviderErrors::USERNAME_EXISTS) { std::cout << "The username already exists. Please enter a different username." << std::endl; userExists = true; } else { std::cerr << "Error with CognitoIdentityProvider::SignUpRequest. " << outcome.GetError().GetMessage() << std::endl; return false; }
  • API の詳細については、「 API リファレンスSignUp」の「」を参照してください。 AWS SDK for C++



この例では をサインアップします。


aws cognito-idp sign-up --client-id 3n4b5urk1ft4fl3mg5e62d9ado --username --password PASSWORD --user-attributes Name="email",Value="" Name="name",Value="Jane"


{ "UserConfirmed": false, "UserSub": "e04d60a6-45dc-441c-a40b-e25a787d4862" }
  • API の詳細については、「 コマンドリファレンスSignUp」の「」を参照してください。 AWS CLI

SDK for Go V2

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type CognitoActions struct { CognitoClient *cognitoidentityprovider.Client } // SignUp signs up a user with Amazon Cognito. func (actor CognitoActions) SignUp(clientId string, userName string, password string, userEmail string) (bool, error) { confirmed := false output, err := actor.CognitoClient.SignUp(context.TODO(), &cognitoidentityprovider.SignUpInput{ ClientId: aws.String(clientId), Password: aws.String(password), Username: aws.String(userName), UserAttributes: []types.AttributeType{ {Name: aws.String("email"), Value: aws.String(userEmail)}, }, }) if err != nil { var invalidPassword *types.InvalidPasswordException if errors.As(err, &invalidPassword) { log.Println(*invalidPassword.Message) } else { log.Printf("Couldn't sign up user %v. Here's why: %v\n", userName, err) } } else { confirmed = output.UserConfirmed } return confirmed, err }
  • API の詳細については、「 API リファレンスSignUp」の「」を参照してください。 AWS SDK for Go

SDK for Java 2.x

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public static void signUp(CognitoIdentityProviderClient identityProviderClient, String clientId, String userName, String password, String email) { AttributeType userAttrs = AttributeType.builder() .name("email") .value(email) .build(); List<AttributeType> userAttrsList = new ArrayList<>(); userAttrsList.add(userAttrs); try { SignUpRequest signUpRequest = SignUpRequest.builder() .userAttributes(userAttrsList) .username(userName) .clientId(clientId) .password(password) .build(); identityProviderClient.signUp(signUpRequest); System.out.println("User has been signed up "); } catch (CognitoIdentityProviderException e) { System.err.println(e.awsErrorDetails().errorMessage()); System.exit(1); } }
  • API の詳細については、「 API リファレンスSignUp」の「」を参照してください。 AWS SDK for Java 2.x

SDK for JavaScript (v3)

については、「」を参照してください GitHub。AWS コード例リポジトリ で全く同じ例を見つけて、設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

const signUp = ({ clientId, username, password, email }) => { const client = new CognitoIdentityProviderClient({}); const command = new SignUpCommand({ ClientId: clientId, Username: username, Password: password, UserAttributes: [{ Name: "email", Value: email }], }); return client.send(command); };
  • API の詳細については、「 API リファレンスSignUp」の「」を参照してください。 AWS SDK for JavaScript

SDK for Kotlin

については、「」を参照してください GitHub。AWS コード例リポジトリ で全く同じ例を見つけて、設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

suspend fun signUp(clientIdVal: String?, userNameVal: String?, passwordVal: String?, emailVal: String?) { val userAttrs = AttributeType { name = "email" value = emailVal } val userAttrsList = mutableListOf<AttributeType>() userAttrsList.add(userAttrs) val signUpRequest = SignUpRequest { userAttributes = userAttrsList username = userNameVal clientId = clientIdVal password = passwordVal } CognitoIdentityProviderClient { region = "us-east-1" }.use { identityProviderClient -> identityProviderClient.signUp(signUpRequest) println("User has been signed up") } }
  • API の詳細については、 AWS SDK for Kotlin API リファレンスSignUpの「」を参照してください。

SDK for Python (Boto3)

については、「」を参照してください GitHub。AWS コード例リポジトリ で全く同じ例を見つけて、設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

class CognitoIdentityProviderWrapper: """Encapsulates Amazon Cognito actions""" def __init__(self, cognito_idp_client, user_pool_id, client_id, client_secret=None): """ :param cognito_idp_client: A Boto3 Amazon Cognito Identity Provider client. :param user_pool_id: The ID of an existing Amazon Cognito user pool. :param client_id: The ID of a client application registered with the user pool. :param client_secret: The client secret, if the client has a secret. """ self.cognito_idp_client = cognito_idp_client self.user_pool_id = user_pool_id self.client_id = client_id self.client_secret = client_secret def sign_up_user(self, user_name, password, user_email): """ Signs up a new user with Amazon Cognito. This action prompts Amazon Cognito to send an email to the specified email address. The email contains a code that can be used to confirm the user. When the user already exists, the user status is checked to determine whether the user has been confirmed. :param user_name: The user name that identifies the new user. :param password: The password for the new user. :param user_email: The email address for the new user. :return: True when the user is already confirmed with Amazon Cognito. Otherwise, false. """ try: kwargs = { "ClientId": self.client_id, "Username": user_name, "Password": password, "UserAttributes": [{"Name": "email", "Value": user_email}], } if self.client_secret is not None: kwargs["SecretHash"] = self._secret_hash(user_name) response = self.cognito_idp_client.sign_up(**kwargs) confirmed = response["UserConfirmed"] except ClientError as err: if err.response["Error"]["Code"] == "UsernameExistsException": response = self.cognito_idp_client.admin_get_user( UserPoolId=self.user_pool_id, Username=user_name ) logger.warning( "User %s exists and is %s.", user_name, response["UserStatus"] ) confirmed = response["UserStatus"] == "CONFIRMED" else: logger.error( "Couldn't sign up %s. Here's why: %s: %s", user_name, err.response["Error"]["Code"], err.response["Error"]["Message"], ) raise return confirmed
  • API の詳細については、 SignUp AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) API リファレンスの「」を参照してください。

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