multi-region-cloudtrail-enabled - AWS Config



Checks that there is at least one multi-region AWS CloudTrail. The rule is non-compliant if the trails do not match input parameters


Trigger type: 定期的

AWS Region: All supported AWS regions


s3BucketName (Optional)
タイプ: 文字列

Name of Amazon S3 bucket for AWS CloudTrail to deliver log files to.

snsTopicArn (Optional)
タイプ: 文字列

Amazon SNS topic ARN for AWS CloudTrail to use for notifications.

cloudWatchLogsLogGroupArn (Optional)
タイプ: 文字列

Amazon CloudWatch log group ARN for AWS CloudTrail to send data to.

includeManagementEvents (Optional)
タイプ: ブール値

Event selector to include management events for the AWS CloudTrail.

readWriteType (Optional)
タイプ: 文字列

記録するイベントのタイプ。Valid values are ReadOnly, WriteOnly and ALL.

AWS CloudFormation テンプレート

To create AWS Config managed rules with AWS CloudFormation templates, see Creating AWS Config Managed Rules With AWS CloudFormation Templates.