s3-bucket-blacklisted-actions-prohibited - AWS Config



Checks if the Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket policy does not allow blacklisted bucket-level and object-level actions on resources in the bucket for principals from other AWS accounts. For example, the rule checks that the Amazon S3 bucket policy does not allow another AWS account to perform any s3:GetBucket* actions and s3:DeleteObject on any object in the bucket. The rule is NON_COMPLIANT if any blacklisted actions are allowed by the Amazon S3 bucket policy.


Trigger type: 設定変更

AWS Region: All supported AWS regions


タイプ: CSV

ブラックリストに登録されているアクションのパターン (例: s3:GetBucket* および s3:DeleteObject) のカンマ区切りのリスト。

AWS CloudFormation テンプレート

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