Assessment reports - Amazon Inspector Classic

This is the user guide for Amazon Inspector Classic. For information about the new Amazon Inspector, see the Amazon Inspector User Guide. To access the Amazon Inspector Classic console, open the Amazon Inspector console at, and then choose Amazon Inspector Classic in the navigation pane.

Assessment reports

An Amazon Inspector Classic assessment report is a document that details what is tested in the assessment run and the results of the assessment. You can store the reports, share them with your team for remediation actions, or use them to augment your compliance audit data. You can generate a report for an assessment run after the run has successfully completed.


You can generate reports only for assessment runs that occur after April 25, 2017, which is when assessment reports in Amazon Inspector Classic became available.

You can view the following types of assessment reports:

  • Findings report – this report contains the following information:

    • Summary of the assessment

    • EC2 instances evaluated during the assessment run

    • Rules packages included in the assessment run

    • Detailed information about each finding, including all EC2 instances that had the finding

  • Full report – this report contains all the information that is included in a findings report, and additionally provides the list of rules that were checked against the instances in the assessment target.

To generate an assessment report
  1. On the Assessment runs page, locate the assessment run that you want to generate a report for. Make sure that its status is set to Analysis complete.

  2. Under the Reports column for this assessment run, choose the reports icon.


    The reports icon is present in the Reports column only for those assessment runs that took place or will take place after April 25, 2017. That is when assessment reports in Amazon Inspector Classic became available.

  3. In the Assessment report dialog box, choose the type of report that you want to view (either a Findings or a Full report) and the report format (HTML or PDF). Then choose Generate report.

You can also generate assessment reports through the GetAssessmentReport API.

To delete an assessment report, perform the following procedure.

To delete a report
  • On the Assessment runs page, choose the run that the report that you want to delete is based on, and then choose Delete. When prompted for confirmation, choose Yes.


    In Amazon Inspector Classic, you can't delete individual reports. When you delete an assessment run, all versions of the report from that run and all findings are also deleted.

    You can also delete an assessment run by using the DeleteAssessmentRun API.