Launching Test instances - Application Migration Service

Launching Test instances

After you have added all of your source servers and configured their launch settings, you are ready to launch a Test instance. It is crucial to test the migration of your source servers to AWS prior to initiating a Cutover in order to verify that your source servers function properly within the AWS environment.


It is a best practice to perform a test at least two weeks before you plan to migrate your source servers. This time frame enables you to identify potential problems and solve them, before the actual Cutover takes place. After launching Test instances, use either SSH (Linux) or RDP (Windows) to connect to your instance and ensure that everything is working correctly.

You can test one source server at a time, or simultaneously test multiple source servers. For each source server, you will be informed of the success or failure of the test. You can test your source server as many times as you want. Each new test first deletes any previously launched Test instance and dependent resources. Then, a new Test instance is launched, which reflects the most up-to-date state of the source server. After the test, data replication continues as before. The new and modified data on the source server is transferred to the Staging Area Subnet and not to the Test instances that were launched during the test.


Windows source servers need to have at least 2 GB of free space to successfully launch a Test instance.


Take into consideration that once a Test instance is launched, actual resources will be used in your AWS account and you will be billed for these resources. You can terminate the operation of launched Test instances once you verify that they are working properly without impact in order to data replication.