Create a Cloud Center of Excellence - Laying the Foundation: Setting Up Your Environment for Cost Optimization

Create a Cloud Center of Excellence

A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team can take responsibility for cost optimization. Effective CCoE teams start small, develop an approach for implementing cloud technology at scale for your organization, and can become the fulcrum by which your organization transforms the way technology serves the business.

The following tenets are key guiding principles for creating a CCoE:

  • The CCoE structure will evolve and change as the organization changes.

  • Treat the cloud as your product and application team leaders as the customers you are enabling.

  • Build company culture into everything you do.

  • Organizational change management is central to business transformation. Use intentional and targeted organizational change management to change company culture and norms.

  • Embrace a change-as-normal mindset. Changes in applications, IT systems, and business direction is expected.

  • Operating model decisions will determine how people fill roles that achieve business outcomes.