Appendix C: Worksheet for identifying attributes of workload hosting environments - Organizing Your AWS Environment Using Multiple Accounts

Appendix C: Worksheet for identifying attributes of workload hosting environments

Use the following worksheet to help you identify and refine your expectations for common security and operational attributes across your set of AWS environments. This worksheet helps you plan how to structure your overall AWS environment based on your requirements.

How to use this worksheet

  1. Follow the instructions in Appendix B: Worksheet for mapping workload environment purposes to hosting environment types.

  2. Review Descriptions of example attributes located after the worksheets below. Note how your current on-premises standards and your initial expectations for working in AWS are similar to and different from the example attributes.

  3. Review the Example worksheet example attributes to get a sense of typical attributes of workload hosting environment types. Note where your expectations align with and differ from the examples. Modify the example attributes in each cell based on your expectations.

  4. Make a copy of the Empty worksheet. Expand and modify the table by adding, removing, and/or changing rows and columns based on your needs.

  5. Mark where you expect to position workloads of a given purpose. Include learnings from the completion of the worksheet in Appendix B.

  6. Modify the example attribute descriptions to suit your needs.

  7. Iterate on the worksheet from Appendix B based on the outcome of completing the following worksheet.

  8. Publish and share internally a draft of the resulting tables and descriptions so that your cross-functional teams can further evolve them.