DocumentAttributeValueCountPair - Amazon Kendra API Reference


Provides the count of documents that match a particular document attribute or field when doing a faceted search.



The number of documents in the response that have the attribute/field value for the key.

Type: Integer

Required: No


The value of the attribute/field. For example, "HR".

Type: DocumentAttributeValue object

Required: No


Contains the results of a document attribute/field that is a nested facet. A FacetResult contains the counts for each facet nested within a facet.

For example, the document attribute or facet "Department" includes a value called "Engineering". In addition, the document attribute or facet "SubDepartment" includes the values "Frontend" and "Backend" for documents assigned to "Engineering". You can display nested facets in the search results so that documents can be searched not only by department but also by a sub department within a department. The counts for documents that belong to "Frontend" and "Backend" within "Engineering" are returned for a query.

Type: Array of FacetResult objects

Required: No

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