UserGroupResolutionConfiguration - Amazon Kendra API Reference


Provides the configuration information to get users and groups from an AWS IAM Identity Center identity source. This is useful for user context filtering, where search results are filtered based on the user or their group access to documents. You can also use the PutPrincipalMapping API to map users to their groups so that you only need to provide the user ID when you issue the query.

To set up an IAM Identity Center identity source in the console to use with Amazon Kendra, see Getting started with an IAM Identity Center identity source. You must also grant the required permissions to use IAM Identity Center with Amazon Kendra. For more information, see IAM roles for IAM Identity Center.

Amazon Kendra currently does not support using UserGroupResolutionConfiguration with an AWS organization member account for your IAM Identity Center identify source. You must create your index in the management account for the organization in order to use UserGroupResolutionConfiguration.



The identity store provider (mode) you want to use to get users and groups. AWS IAM Identity Center is currently the only available mode. Your users and groups must exist in an IAM Identity Center identity source in order to use this mode.

Type: String

Valid Values: AWS_SSO | NONE

Required: Yes

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