Step 3: Configure Application Output - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL Applications Developer Guide

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Step 3: Configure Application Output

After completing Step 2: Create an Application, you have application code that is reading heart rate data from a streaming source and assigning an anomaly score to each.

You can now send the application results from the in-application stream to an external destination, which is another Kinesis data stream (OutputStreamTestingAnomalyScores). You can analyze the anomaly scores and determine which heart rate is anomalous. You can then extend this application further to generate alerts.

Follow these steps to configure application output:

  1. Open the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics console. In the SQL editor, choose either Destination or Add a destination in the application dashboard.

  2. On the Connect to destination page, choose the OutputStreamTestingAnomalyScores stream that you created in the preceding section.

    Now you have an external destination, where Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics persists any records your application writes to the in-application stream DESTINATION_SQL_STREAM.

  3. You can optionally configure AWS Lambda to monitor the OutputStreamTestingAnomalyScores stream and send you alerts. For instructions, see Preprocessing Data Using a Lambda Function. If you don't set alerts, you can review the records that Kinesis Data Analytics writes to the external destination, which is the Kinesis data stream OutputStreamTestingAnomalyScores, as described in Step 4: Verify Output.

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