Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL Applications Developer Guide
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Example: Creating Throttled Alerts

In this Amazon Kinesis data analytics application, the query runs continuously on the in-application stream created over the demo stream. For more information, see Continuous Queries. If any rows show that the stock price change is greater than 1 percent, those rows are inserted into another in-application stream. The application throttles the alerts such that an alert is sent immediately when the stock price changes. However, no more than one alert per minute per stock symbol is sent to the in-application stream.

To create a throttled alerts application

  1. Create a Kinesis data analytics application as described in the Kinesis Data Analytics Getting Started exercise.

  2. In the SQL editor in Kinesis Data Analytics, replace the application code with the following:

    CREATE OR REPLACE STREAM "CHANGE_STREAM" (ticker_symbol VARCHAR(4), sector VARCHAR(12), change DOUBLE, price DOUBLE); CREATE OR REPLACE PUMP "change_pump" AS INSERT INTO "CHANGE_STREAM" SELECT STREAM ticker_symbol, sector, change, price FROM "SOURCE_SQL_STREAM_001" WHERE (ABS(Change / (Price - Change)) * 100) > 1; -- ** Trigger Count and Limit ** -- Counts "triggers" or those values that evaluated true against the previous where clause -- Then provides its own limit on the number of triggers per hour per ticker symbol to what -- is specified in the WHERE clause CREATE OR REPLACE STREAM TRIGGER_COUNT_STREAM ( ticker_symbol VARCHAR(4), change REAL, trigger_count INTEGER); CREATE OR REPLACE PUMP trigger_count_pump AS INSERT INTO TRIGGER_COUNT_STREAM SELECT STREAM ticker_symbol, change, trigger_count FROM ( SELECT STREAM ticker_symbol, change, COUNT(*) OVER W1 as trigger_count FROM "CHANGE_STREAM" --window to perform aggregations over last minute to keep track of triggers WINDOW W1 AS (PARTITION BY ticker_symbol RANGE INTERVAL '1' MINUTE PRECEDING) ) WHERE trigger_count >= 1;

    The SELECT statement in the application code filters rows in the SOURCE_SQL_STREAM_001 for stock price changes greater than 1 percent and inserts those rows into another in-application stream CHANGE_STREAM using a pump.

    The application then creates a second stream named TRIGGER_COUNT_STREAM for the throttled alerts. A second query selects records from a window that hops forward every time a record is admitted into it, such that only one record per stock ticker per minute is written to the stream.

  3. Choose Save and run SQL.

The example outputs a stream to TRIGGER_COUNT_STREAM similar to the following:

                Console screenshot showing the output stream containing ticker symbol,
                    percentage change, and trigger count columns.