Earlier Version Information for Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Earlier Version Information for Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink

This topic contains information about using Kinesis Data Analytics with older versions of Apache Flink. The versions of Apache Flink that Kinesis Data Analytics supports are 1.8.2 (recommended) and 1.6.2.

Building Applications with Apache Flink 1.6.2

This section contains information about components that you use for building Kinesis Data Analytics applications that work with Apache Flink 1.6.2.

Use the following component versions for Kinesis Data Analytics applications:

Component Version
Java 1.8 (recommended)
AWS Java SDK 1.11.379
Apache Flink 1.6.2
Kinesis Data Analytics for Flink Runtime (aws-kinesisanalytics-runtime) 1.0.1
Kinesis Data Analytics Flink Connectors (aws-kinesisanalytics-flink) 1.0.1
Apache Maven 3.1

When using Kinesis Data Analytics Runtime version 1.0.1, you specify the version of Apache Flink in your pom.xml file rather than using the -Dflink.version parameter when compiling your application code.

For an example of a pom.xml file for a Kinesis Data Analytics application that uses Apache Flink version 1.6.2, see the Kinesis Data Analytics for Flink 1.6.2 Getting Started Application.

For information about how to build and use application code for a Kinesis Data Analytics application, see Creating Applications.

Upgrading Applications from Apache Flink 1.6.2 to 1.8.2

To upgrade the version of an Kinesis Data Analytics application from Apache Flink 1.6.2 to 1.8.2, you must update your application code, delete the previous application, and create a new application with the updated code. To do this, do the following:

  • Change the versions of the Kinesis Data Analytics Runtime and Kinesis Data Analytics Flink connectors (aws-kinesisanalytics-flink) in your application's pom.xml file to 1.1.0.

  • Remove the flink.version property from your application's pom.xml file. You will provide this parameter when you compile the application code in the next step.

  • Recompile your application code using the following command:

    mvn package -Dflink.version=1.8.2
  • Delete your existing application. Create your application again, and choose Apache Flink 1.8 (Recommended version) for the application's Runtime.


You cannot use snapshots from your previous application versions.

Available Connectors in Apache Flink 1.6.2

The Apache Flink framework contains connectors for accessing data from a variety of sources. For information about connectors available in the Apache Flink 1.6.2 framework, see Connectors in the Apache Flink documentation.