Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
SQL Reference

Document History

The following table describes important changes to the documentation since the last release of the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics SQL Reference.

  • API version: 2015-08-14

  • Latest documentation update: December 11, 2017

Change Description Date
New TSDIFF function Obtain the difference between two time stamps. For more information, see . December 11, 2017
New RANDOM_CUT_FOREST_WITH_EXPLANATION function Get an explanation of what fields contribute to an anomaly score in a data stream. For more information, see RANDOM_CUT_FOREST_WITH_EXPLANATION. November 2, 2017
New REGEX_LOG_PARSE function Get regex matches from a source string in columnar format. For more information, see REGEX_LOG_PARSE. August 21, 2017
Table of contents reorganization Topic categories are now more intuitive. August 18, 2017
New SQL functions Addition of STEP, LAG, TO_TIMESTAMP, UNIX_TIMESTAMP, REGEX_REPLACE, and addition of regex support to SUBSTRING August 3, 2017
New guide This is the first release of the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics SQL Reference guide. August 11, 2016