Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
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Document History for Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

The following table describes the important changes to the documentation since the last release of Amazon Kinesis Video Streams.

  • Latest API version: 2017-11-29

  • Latest documentation update: March 15, 2018

Change Description Date
Renderer example documentation Documentation for the Renderer example application, which shows how to decode and display frames from a Kinesis video stream. For more information, see Renderer Example. Mar 15, 2018
Producer SDK Limits reference documentation Information about limits for operations in the C++ Producer Library. For more information, see Producer SDK Limits. Mar 13, 2018
C++ Producer SDK for Raspberry Pi Procedure for setting up and running the C++ Producer Library on a Raspberry Pi device. For more information, see Using the C++ Producer SDK on Raspberry Pi. Mar 13, 2018
Monitoring Information about monitoring Kinesis Video Streams metrics and API calls using Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail. For more information, see Monitoring Kinesis Video Streams. February 5, 2018
Network Abstraction Layer (NAL) adaptation flag reference Information about setting NAL adaptation flags when consuming streaming video. For more information, see NAL Adaptation Flags. January 15, 2018
Android support for streaming video Kinesis Video Streams now supports streaming video from Android devices. For more information, see Android Producer Library. January 12, 2018
Kinesis Video example documentation Documentation for the Kinesis Video example application, which shows how to use the Kinesis Video Stream Parser Library in an application. For more information, see KinesisVideoExample. January 9, 2018
GStreamer example documentation Documentation for the GStreamer example application that is included in the C++ Producer SDK. For more information, see GStreamer Example. January 5, 2018
Kinesis Video Streams documentation released This is the initial release of the Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Developer Guide. November 29, 2017