Example: Streaming from an RTSP Source - Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Example: Streaming from an RTSP Source

The C++ Producer Library contains a definition for a Docker container that connects to an RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) network camera. Using Docker standardizes the operating environment for Kinesis Video Streams, which greatly simplifies building and executing the application.

To use the RTSP demo application, first install and build the C++ Producer Library.

The following procedure demonstrates how to set up and use the RTSP demo application.


To run the Kinesis Video Streams RTSP example application, you must have the following:

Build the Docker Image

First, you build the Docker image that the demo application will run inside.

  1. Create a new directory and copy the following files from the docker_native_scripts directory to the new directory:

    • Dockerfile

    • start_rtsp_in_docker.sh

  2. Change to the directory that you created in the previous step.

  3. Build the Docker image using the following command. This command creates the image and tags it as rtspdockertest.

    docker build -t rtspdockertest .
  4. Record the image ID that was returned in the previous step (for example, 54f0d65f69b2).

Run the RTSP Example Application

Start the Kinesis Video Streams Docker container using the following command. Provide the image ID from the previous step, your AWS credentials, the URL of your RTSP network camera, and the name of the Kinesis video stream to send the data.


To customize the application, comment or remove the ENTRYPOINT command in Dockerfile, and launch the container using the following command:

docker run -it <IMAGE_ID> bash

You are then prompted inside the Docker container to customize the sample application and start streaming.