Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
Developer Guide

Using Logging with the C++ Producer SDK

You configure logging for C++ Producer SDK applications in the kvs_log_configuration file in the kinesis-video-native-build folder.

The following example shows the first line of the default configuration file, which configures the application to write DEBUG-level log entries to the AWS Management Console:

log4cplus.rootLogger=DEBUG, KvsConsoleAppender

You can set the logging level to INFO for less verbose logging.

To configure the application to also write log entries to a log file, update the first line in the file to the following:

log4cplus.rootLogger=DEBUG, KvsConsoleAppender, KvsFileAppender

This configures the application to write log entries to kvs.log in the kinesis-video-native-build/log folder.

To change the log file location, update the following line with the new path:



If DEBUG-level logging is written to a file, the log file can use up the available storage space on the device quickly.