Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
Developer Guide

Step 1: Download and Configure the C++ Producer Library Code

In this section, you download the low-level libraries and configure the application to use your AWS credentials.

For prerequisites and other details about this example, see Using the C++ Producer Library.

  1. Create a directory, and then clone the example source code from the GitHub repository.

    $ git clone
  2. Open the code in the integrated development environment (IDE) of your choice (for example, Eclipse).

  3. At the command line, set the ACCESS_KEY_ENV_VAR and SECRET_KEY_ENV_VAR environment variables to your AWS credentials. Alternatively, you can hardcode your AWS credentials in the following lines of ProducerTestFixture.h:

    if (nullptr == (accessKey = getenv(ACCESS_KEY_ENV_VAR))) { accessKey = "AccessKey"; } if (nullptr == (secretKey = getenv(SECRET_KEY_ENV_VAR))) { secretKey = "SecretKey"; }
  4. In tst/ProducerTestFixture.h, find the call to CreateStream. Change the name of the stream definition from ScaryTestStream2 to a unique name:

    shared_ptr<KinesisVideoStream> CreateTestStream(int index) { char stream_name[MAX_STREAM_NAME_LEN]; sprintf(stream_name, "ScaryTestStream_%d", index);

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Step 2: Write and Examine the Code

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