Local sync mode - AWS Application Composer

Local sync mode

This topic describes the AWS Application Composer console local sync mode.

For a visual overview of all Application Composer features, see AWS Application Composer console visual overview.

About local sync mode

Local sync mode automatically syncs and saves the following to your local machine:

  • Application template file – The AWS CloudFormation or AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) template that contains your infrastructure as code (IaC).

  • Project folders – A general directory structure that organizes your AWS Lambda functions.

  • Backup directory – A backup directory named .aws-composer, created at the root of your project location. This directory contains a backup copy of your application template file and project folders.

  • External files – Supported external files that you can use within Application Composer. To learn more, see Work with templates that reference external files.

Browser requirements

Local sync mode requires a browser that supports the File System Access API. For more information, see AWS Application Composer and the File System Access API.

Activating local sync mode

Local sync mode is deactivated by default. You can activate Local sync mode through the Application Composer menu.

Image of Application Composer's Menu with Activate local sync selected.

For instructions on activating and using local sync, see Automatically sync and save your project.