LFTagPolicyResource - Lake Formation


A structure containing a list of LF-tag conditions that apply to a resource's LF-tag policy.



A list of LF-tag conditions that apply to the resource's LF-tag policy.

Type: Array of LFTag objects

Required: Yes


The resource type for which the LF-tag policy applies.

Type: String

Valid Values: DATABASE | TABLE

Required: Yes


The identifier for the Data Catalog. By default, the account ID. The Data Catalog is the persistent metadata store. It contains database definitions, table definitions, and other control information to manage your AWS Lake Formation environment.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 255.

Pattern: [\u0020-\uD7FF\uE000-\uFFFD\uD800\uDC00-\uDBFF\uDFFF\t]*

Required: No

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