Creating LF-Tags - AWS Lake Formation

Creating LF-Tags

All LF-Tags must be defined in Lake Formation before they can be used. A LF-Tag consists of a key and one or more possible values for the key.

After the data lake administrator has setup the required IAM permissions and Lake Formation permissions for the LF-Tag creator role, the principal can create a LF-Tag. The LF-Tag creator gets implicit permission to update or remove any tag value from the LF-Tag and delete the LF-Tag.

You can create LF-Tags by using the AWS Lake Formation console, the API, or the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

To create a LF-Tag
  1. Open the Lake Formation console at

    Sign in as a principal with LF-Tag creator permissions or as data lake administrator.

  2. In the navigation pane, under LF-Tags and permissions, choose LF-Tags.

    The LF-Tags page appears.

                  The page has a 4-column table with column headings Key, Values, Owner
                    account ID, and LF-Tag permissions. The table has 3 rows. Above the table are 4
                    buttons arranged horizontally: Delete (dimmed), Edit (dimmed), and Add tag. The
                    page also has a search field with the placeholder text "Find tag". To the right
                    of the search field is a page selector, showing the value "1" between left and
                    right buttons, and a Settings icon.
  3. Choose Add LF-Tag.

  4. In the Add LF-Tag dialog box, enter a key and one or more values.

    Each key must have at least one value. To enter multiple values, either enter a comma-delimited list and then press Enter, or enter one value at a time and choose Add after each one. The maximum number of values permitted is 1000.

  5. Choose Add tag.

To create a LF-Tag
  • Enter a create-lf-tag command.

    The following example creates a LF-Tag with key module and values Customers and Orders.

    aws lakeformation create-lf-tag --tag-key module --tag-values Customers Orders

As tag creator , the principal gets Alter permission on this LF-Tag and can update or remove any tag value from this LF-Tag. The LF-Tag creator principal can also grant Alter permission to another principal to update and remove tag values on this LF-Tag.