Step 10: Grant SELECT on the Tables - AWS Lake Formation

Step 10: Grant SELECT on the Tables

You must grant the SELECT permission on the new Data Catalog tables so that the data analyst can query the data that the tables point to.


A workflow automatically grants the SELECT permission on the tables that it creates to the user who ran it. Because the data lake administrator ran this workflow, you must grant SELECT to the data analyst.

  1. In the navigation pane, under Permissions, choose Data permissions.

  2. Choose Grant, and in the Grant permissions dialog box, make these selections:

    1. For IAM user and roles, choose datalake_user.

    2. For Database, choose lakeformation_cloudtrail.

      The Table list populates.

    3. For Table, choose cloudtrailtest-cloudtrail.

    4. For Table permissions, choose Select.

  3. Choose Grant.

The next step is performed as the data analyst.