Creating a database - AWS Lake Formation

Creating a database

Metadata tables in the Data Catalog are stored within databases. You can create as many databases as you need, and you can grant different Lake Formation permissions on each database.

Databases can have an optional location property. This location is typically within an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) location that is registered with Lake Formation. When you specify a location, principals do not need data location permissions to create Data Catalog tables that point to locations within the database location. For more information, see Underlying data access control.

To create a database using the Lake Formation console, you must be signed in as a data lake administrator or database creator. A database creator is a principal who has been granted the Lake Formation CREATE_DATABASE permission. You can see a list of database creators on the Administrative roles and tasks page of the Lake Formation console. To view this list, you must have the lakeformation:ListPermissions IAM permission and be signed in as a data lake administrator or as a database creator with the grant option on the CREATE_DATABASE permission.

To create a database
  1. Open the AWS Lake Formation console at, and sign in as a data lake administrator or database creator.

  2. In the navigation pane, under Data catalog, choose Databases.

  3. Choose Create database.

  4. In the Create database dialog box, enter a database name, optional location, and optional description.

  5. Optionally select Use only IAM access control for new tables in this database.

    For information about this option, see Changing the default settings for your data lake.

  6. Choose Create database.