Supported Regions - AWS Lake Formation

Supported Regions

This section has information on supported AWS Regions and functionality for Lake Formation.

General availability

For the AWS Regions supported by AWS Lake Formation, see List of AWS services available by Region.

For a list of the Lake Formation service endpoints for each Region and the Lake Formation service quotas, see AWS Lake Formation endpoints and quotas.

AWS GovCloud (US)

For an overview of differences between AWS GovCloud (US) Region and standard AWS Regions, see How AWS Lake Formation differs for AWS GovCloud (US).

Transactions and storage optimization

The governed tables, transaction support, and storage optimizations features for Lake Formation are available in the following AWS Regions:

Region name Region parameter Endpoint
US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1

US East (Ohio) us-east-2

US West (Oregon) us-west-2

Asia Pacific (Mumbai) ap-south-1
Asia Pacific (Seoul) ap-northeast-2
Asia Pacific (Singapore) ap-southeast-1
Asia Pacific (Sydney) ap-southeast-2
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1
Europe (Frankfurt) eu-central-1
Europe (Ireland) eu-west-1
Europe (London) eu-west-2
Europe (Stockholm) eu-north-1
Canada (Central) ca-central-1
South America (São Paulo) sa-east-1