Step 2: Create a connection in AWS Glue - AWS Lake Formation

Step 2: Create a connection in AWS Glue


Skip this step if you already have an AWS Glue connection to your JDBC data source.

AWS Lake Formation accesses JDBC data sources through an AWS Glue connection. A connection is a Data Catalog object that contains all the information required to connect to the data source. You can create a connection using the AWS Glue console.

To create a connection

  1. Open the AWS Glue the console at, and sign in as the IAM administrator user that you created in Create an Administrator IAM User.

  2. In the navigation pane, under Data catalog, choose Connections.

  3. On the Connections page, choose Add connection.

  4. On the Set up your connection's properties page, enter datalake-tutorial as the connection name, and choose JDBC as the connection type. Then choose Next.

  5. Continue through the connection wizard and save the connection.

    For help with creating a connection, see Working with Connections on the AWS Glue Console in the AWS Glue Developer Guide.