Running a workflow - AWS Lake Formation

Running a workflow

You can run a workflow using the Lake Formation console, the AWS Glue console, or the AWS Glue Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or API.

To run a workflow (Lake Formation console)

  1. Open the AWS Lake Formation console at Sign in as the data lake administrator or as a user who has data engineer permissions. For more information, see Lake Formation Personas and IAM Permissions Reference.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Blueprints.

  3. On the Blueprints page, select the workflow. Then on the Actions menu, choose Start.

  4. As the workflow runs, view its progress in the Last run status column. Choose the refresh button occasionally.

    The status goes from RUNNING, to Discovering, to Importing, to COMPLETED.

    When the workflow is complete:

    • The Data Catalog has new metadata tables.

    • Your data is ingested into the data lake.

    If the workflow fails, do the following:

    1. Select the workflow. Choose Actions, and then choose View graph.

      The workflow opens in the AWS Glue console.

    2. Ensure that the workflow is selected, and choose the History tab.

    3. Under History, select the most recent run and choose View run details.

    4. Select a failed job or crawler in the dynamic (runtime) graph, and review the error message. Failed nodes are either red or yellow.