Using AWS CloudFormation with layers - AWS Lambda

Using AWS CloudFormation with layers

You can use AWS CloudFormation to create a layer and associate the layer with your Lambda function. The following example template creates a layer named my-lambda-layer and attaches the layer to the Lambda function using the Layers property.

--- Description: CloudFormation Template for Lambda Function with Lambda Layer Resources: MyLambdaLayer: Type: AWS::Lambda::LayerVersion Properties: LayerName: my-lambda-layer Description: My Lambda Layer Content: S3Bucket: my-bucket S3Key: CompatibleRuntimes: - python3.9 - python3.10 - python3.11 MyLambdaFunction: Type: AWS::Lambda::Function Properties: FunctionName: my-lambda-function Runtime: python3.9 Handler: index.handler Timeout: 10 Policies: - AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole - AWSLambda_ReadOnlyAccess - AWSXrayWriteOnlyAccess Layers: - !Ref MyLambdaLayer