AWS Lambda
Developer Guide

Step 3: Test the Lambda Function (Invoke Manually)

In this step, you invoke the Lambda function manually using the invoke command. When the Lambda function executes, it generates a UUID and writes it to the ElastiCache cluster that you specified in your Lambda code. The Lambda function then retrieves the item from the cache.

  1. Invoke the Lambda function (AccessMemCache) using the AWS Lambda invoke command.

    $ aws lambda invoke \ --function-name AccessMemCache  \ --region us-east-1 \ --profile adminuser \ output.txt
  2. Verify that the Lambda function executed successfully as follows:

    • Review the output.txt file.

    • Review the results in the AWS Lambda console.

    • Verify the results in CloudWatch Logs.

What Next?

Now that you have created a Lambda function that accesses an ElastiCache cluster in your VPC, you can have the function invoked in response to events. For information about configuring event sources and examples, see Use Cases.