AWS Lambda
Developer Guide

Tutorial: Configuring a Lambda Function to Access Amazon ElastiCache in an Amazon VPC

In this tutorial, you do the following:

  • Create an Amazon ElastiCache cluster in your default Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) in the us-east-1 region. For more information about Amazon ElastiCache, see Amazon ElastiCache.

  • Create a Lambda function to access the ElastiCache cluster. When you create the Lambda function, you provide subnet IDs in your Amazon VPC and a VPC security group to allow the Lambda function to access resources in your VPC. For illustration in this tutorial, the Lambda function generates a UUID, writes it to the cache, and retrieves it from the cache.

  • Invoke the Lambda function manually and verify that it accessed the ElastiCache cluster in your VPC.


This tutorial uses the default Amazon VPC in the us-east-1 region in your account. For more information about Amazon VPC, see How to Get Started with Amazon VPC in the Amazon VPC User Guide.