AWS Lambda
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Step 2.3: Create the Lambda Function (Upload the Deployment Package)

In this step, you create the Lambda function (ReadMySqlTable) using the create-function AWS CLI command.

At the command prompt, run the following Lambda CLI create-function command using the adminuser profile.

You need to update the following create-function command by providing the .zip file path and the execution role ARN. The --runtime parameter value can be python2.7, nodejs, or java8, depending on the language you used to author your code.


At this time, example code for the Lambda function is provided only in Python. You can use either python3.6 or python2.7 for the --runtime parameter.

$ aws lambda create-function \ --region us-east-1 \ --function-name CreateTableAddRecordsAndRead \ --zip-file fileb://file-path/ \ --role execution-role-arn \ --handler app.handler \ --runtime python3.6 \ --vpc-config SubnetIds=comma-separated-subnet-ids,SecurityGroupIds=default-vpc-security-group-id \ --profile adminuser

Optionally, you can upload the .zip file to an Amazon S3 bucket in the same AWS region, and then specify the bucket and object name in the preceding command. You need to replace the --zip-file parameter by the --code parameter, as shown following:

--code S3Bucket=bucket-name,S3Key=zip-file-object-key


You can also create the Lambda function using the AWS Lambda console (use the parameter values shown in the preceding CLI command).

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Step 3: Test the Lambda Function (Invoke Manually)