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Using AWS Lambda with Amazon API Gateway (On-Demand Over HTTPS)

In this example you create a simple API (DynamoDBOperations) using Amazon API Gateway. An Amazon API Gateway is a collection of resources and methods. For this tutorial, you create one resource (DynamoDBManager) and define one method (POST) on it. The method is backed by a Lambda function (LambdaFunctionOverHttps). That is, when you invoke the method through an HTTPS endpoint, Amazon API Gateway invokes the Lambda function.

The POST method on the DynamoDBManager resource supports the following DynamoDB operations:

  • Create, update, and delete an item.

  • Read an item.

  • Scan an item.

  • Other operations (echo, ping), not related to DynamoDB, that you can use for testing.

The request payload you send in the POST request identifies the DynamoDB operation and provides necessary data. For example:

  • The following is a sample request payload for a DynamoDB create item operation:

    { "operation": "create", "tableName": "LambdaTable", "payload": { "Item": { "Id": "1", "name": "Bob" } } }
  • The following is a sample request payload for a DynamoDB read item operation:

    { "operation": "read", "tableName": "LambdaTable", "payload": { "Key": { "Id": "1" } } }
  • The following is a sample request payload for an echo operation. You send an HTTPS POST request to the endpoint, using the following data in the request body.

    { "operation": "echo", "payload": { "somekey1": "somevalue1", "somekey2": "somevalue2" } }

You can also create and manage API endpoints from the AWS Lambda console. For example, search for the microservice in the blueprints. This tutorial does not use the console, instead it uses AWS CLI to provide you with more details of how the API works.


API Gateway offers advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Pass through the entire request – A Lambda function can receive the entire HTTP request (instead of just the request body) and set the HTTP response (instead of just the response body) using the AWS_PROXY integration type.

  • Catch-all methods – Map all methods of an API resource to a single Lambda function with a single mapping, using the ANY catch-all method.

  • Catch-all resources – Map all sub-paths of a resource to a Lambda function without any additional configuration using the new path parameter ({proxy+}).

To learn more about these API Gateway features, see Configure Proxy Integration for a Proxy Resource.

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