Understanding the level of abstraction - AWS Lambda

Understanding the level of abstraction

The Lambda service limits your access to the underlying operating systems, hypervisors, and hardware running your Lambda functions. The service continuously improves and changes infrastructure to add features, reduce cost and make the service more performant. Your code should assume no knowledge of how Lambda is architected and assume no hardware affinity.

Similarly, the integration of other services with Lambda is managed by AWS with only a small number of configuration options that are exposed. For example, when API Gateway and Lambda interact, there is no concept of load balancing available since it is entirely managed by the services. You also have no direct control over which Availability Zones the services use when invoking functions at any point in time, or how and when Lambda execution environments are scaled up or destroyed.

This abstraction allows you to focus on the integration aspects of your application, the flow of data, and the business logic where your workload provides value to your end users. Allowing the services to manage the underlying mechanics helps you develop applications more quickly with less custom code to maintain.