Using AWS Resource Groups to organize your workload - AWS Lambda

Using AWS Resource Groups to organize your workload

AWS Resource groups can make it easier to group and organize resources used by your workload. You can group resources around a project, environment, department, or team. For Lambda-based applications that use multiple services and AWS resources, this can provide a convenient way to organize information about those resources.

You can create a resource group by using the AWS::ResourceGroups::Group resource in a CloudFormation stack or AWS SAM template. In this example, I apply a resource group to the backend template for the Ask Around Me application. In the template.yaml file, add the following lines to the resources section:

Resources: ResourceGroup: Type: "AWS::ResourceGroups::Group" Properties: Name: AskAroundMe

After following the deployment instructions in the file, the application is listed in the AWS Resource Groups console. This view shows all related resources and group tags:

               monitoring observability figure 6

CloudWatch automatically groups monitoring resources based upon defined resource groups. From the CloudWatch console, the dropdown in the Overview panel lists grouped resources. CloudWatch automatically generates cross-service dashboards for the resources in the group. This provides a convenient way to have an instant monitoring dashboard created directly from an AWS SAM deployment.

               monitoring observability figure 7