Errors in the processing function - AWS Lambda

Errors in the processing function

If the processing function throws errors, messages are returned to the SQS queue. The Lambda service prevents your function from scaling to prevent errors at scale. The SQS queue metrics show that there is an issue with queue processing:

               debugging ops figure 11

Both the age of the earliest messages and the number of messages visible are increasing, while no messages are deleted. The queue continues to grow but messages are not being processed. The CloudWatch metrics for the processing Lambda function also indicate that there is a problem:

               debugging ops figure 12

The Error count metric is non-zero and growing, while Concurrent executions have reduced and throttling has stopped. This shows that the Lambda service has stopped scaling, due to errors. The CloudWatch Logs for the function provide details of the type of error.

You can resolve this issue by identifying the function causing the error, then finding and resolving the error. Once the error is fixed and the new code is deployed, the CloudWatch metrics show how the processing recovers:

               debugging ops figure 13

Here, the Error count drops to zero and the Success rate returns to 100%. The Lambda service starts scaling the function again, as shown in the Concurrent executions graph.