What is AWS Launch Wizard for SAP? - AWS Launch Wizard

What is AWS Launch Wizard for SAP?

AWS Launch Wizard for SAP is a service that guides you through the sizing, configuration, and deployment of SAP applications on AWS, and follows AWS cloud application best practices.

AWS Launch Wizard reduces the time it takes to deploy SAP applications on AWS. You input your application requirements, including the database (SAP HANA or SAP ASE) settings, SAP landscape settings, and deployment details on the service console, and Launch Wizard identifies the appropriate AWS resources to deploy and run your SAP application. Launch Wizard provides an estimated cost of deployment, which allows you to modify your resources and instantly view the updated cost. When you finalize your settings, Launch Wizard provisions and configures the selected resources. It then optionally installs SAP application/database software using customer-provided software.

You can create deployments from the Launch Wizard console or AWS Launch Wizard APIs. For more information, see Get started with AWS Launch Wizard for SAP.

After you deploy an SAP application, you can access it from the Amazon EC2 console. You can manage your SAP applications with AWS Systems Manager.