SlotDefaultValueSpec - Amazon Lex V1

If you are using Amazon Lex V2, refer to the Amazon Lex V2 guide instead.


If you are using Amazon Lex V1, we recommend upgrading your bots to Amazon Lex V2. We are no longer adding new features to V1 and strongly recommend using V2 for all new bots.


Contains the default values for a slot. Default values are used when Amazon Lex hasn't determined a value for a slot.



The default values for a slot. You can specify more than one default. For example, you can specify a default value to use from a matching context variable, a session attribute, or a fixed value.

The default value chosen is selected based on the order that you specify them in the list. For example, if you specify a context variable and a fixed value in that order, Amazon Lex uses the context variable if it is available, else it uses the fixed value.

Type: Array of SlotDefaultValue objects

Array Members: Minimum number of 0 items. Maximum number of 10 items.

Required: Yes

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