Step 3: Add a Custom and Built-in Intent - Amazon Lex

Step 3: Add a Custom and Built-in Intent

An intent represents an action that the call center agent wants the bot to perform. In this case, the agent wants the bot to suggest responses and helpful resources based on the agent's conversation with the customer.

Amazon Lex has two types of intents: custom intents and built-in intents. AMAZON.KendraSearchIntent is a built-in intent. The bot uses the AMAZON.KendraSearchIntent intent to query the index and display the responses suggested by Amazon Kendra.

The bot in this example doesn't need a custom intent. However, to build the bot, you must create at least one custom intent with at least one sample utterance. This intent is required only to build your agent assistant bot. It doesn’t perform any other function. The utterance for the intent must not answer any of the questions that the customer might ask. This ensures that the AMAZON.KendraSearchIntent is called to answer customer queries. For more information, see AMAZON.KendraSearchIntent.

To create the required custom intent

  1. On the Getting started with your bot page, choose Create intent.

  2. For Add intent, choose Create intent.

  3. In the Create intent dialog box, enter a descriptive name for the intent, such as RequiredIntent.

  4. For Sample utterances, enter a descriptive utterance, such as Required utterance.

  5. Choose Save intent.

To add the AMAZON.KendraSearchIntent intent and response message

  1. In the navigation pane, choose the plus sign (+) next to Intents.

  2. Choose Search existing intents.

  3. In the Search intents box, enter AMAZON.KendraSearchIntent, then choose it from the list.

  4. Give the intent a descriptive name, such as AgentAssistSearchIntent, then choose Add.

  5. In the intent editor, choose Amazon Kendra query to open the query options.

  6. Choose the index that you want the intent to search,

  7. In the Response section, add the following three messages to a message group.

    I found an answer for the customer query: ((x-amz-lex:kendra-search-response-question_answer-question-1)) and the answer is ((x-amz-lex:kendra-search-response-question_answer-answer-1)). I found an excerpt from a helpful document: ((x-amz-lex:kendra-search-response-document-1)). I think this answer will help the customer: ((x-amz-lex:kendra-search-response-answer-1)).
  8. Choose Save intent.

  9. Choose Build to build the bot.

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