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Converts words that indicate durations into a numeric duration.

The duration is resolved to a format based on the ISO-8601 duration format, PnYnMnWnDTnHnMnS. The P indicates that this is a duration, the n is a numeric value, and the capital letter following the n is the specific date or time element. For example, P3D means 3 days. A T is used to indicate that the remaining values represent time elements rather than date elements.


  • "ten minutes": PT10M

  • "five hours": PT5H

  • "three days": P3D

  • "forty five seconds": PT45S

  • "eight weeks": P8W

  • "seven years": P7Y

  • "five hours ten minutes": PT5H10M

  • "two years three hours ten minutes": P2YT3H10M