AMAZON.TIME - Amazon Lex


Converts words that represent times into time values. Includes resolutions for ambiguous times. When a user enters an ambiguous time, Amazon Lex uses the slotDetails attribute of a Lambda event to pass resolutions for the ambiguous times to your Lambda function. For example, if your bot prompts the user for a delivery time, the user can respond by saying "10 o'clock." This time is ambiguous. It means either 10:00 AM or 10:00 PM. In this case, the value in the slots map is null, and the slotDetails entity contains the two possible resolutions of the time. Amazon Lex inputs the following into the Lambda function:

"slots": { "deliveryTime": null }, "slotDetails": { "deliveryTime": { "resolutions": [ { "value": "10:00" }, { "value": "22:00" } ] } }

When the user responds with an unambiguous time, Amazon Lex sends the time to your Lambda function in the slots attribute of the Lambda event and the slotDetails attribute is empty. For example, if your user responds to the prompt for a delivery time with "10:00 PM," Amazon Lex inputs the following into the Lambda function:

"slots": { "deliveryTime": "22:00" }

For more information about the data sent from Amazon Lex to a Lambda function, see Input Event Format.