Amazon Lex
Developer Guide

Exporting to an Alexa Skill

You can export your bot schema in a format compatible with an Alexa skill. After you export the bot to a JSON file, you upload it to Alexa using the skill builder.

To export a bot and its schema (interaction model)

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Lex console at

  2. For Actions, choose Export.

  3. Choose the name and version of the bot that you want to export. For the format, choose Alexa Skills Kit, then choose Export.

  4. When the download dialog box appears, choose a location to save the file, then choose Save.

The downloaded file is a .zip archive containing one file with the name of the exported bot. It contains the information necessary to import the bot as an Alexa skill.


Amazon Lex and the Alexa Skills Kit differ in the following ways:

  • Session attributes, denoted by square brackets ([]), are not supported by the Alexa Skills Kit. You need to update prompts that use session attributes.

  • Punctuation marks are not supported by the Alexa Skills Kit. You need to update utterances that use punctuation.

To upload the bot to an Alexa Skill

  1. Log in to the developer portal at

  2. To open the Alexa console, choose Developer Console, then choose ALEXA.

  3. Open the Alexa Skill Kit page. In the Alexa Skills Kit box, choose Get Started.

  4. Choose Add a New Skill. Fill in the required fields:

    • Skill Type (choose Custom Interaction Model)

    • Language

    • Name

    • Invocation Name

  5. Choose Save, then choose Next.

  6. Choose Launch Skill Builder.

  7. On the left menu, choose Code Editor.

  8. Extract the JSON file from the .zip archive that you downloaded. Paste the contents of the JSON file into the code editor.

  9. Choose Apply Changes, then choose Save Model.

After uploading the schema into the Alexa skill, make changes necessary for running the skill with Alexa. For more information about creating an Alexa skill, see Use the Skill Builder (Beta) in the Alexa Skills Kit.